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Startup Weekend Perth 2012 Day 1

8 Sep

This is my third Startup Weekend and I have a few thoughts after Day 1.

  • Big team sizes – in prior ones I’ve seen quite a few small teams with 3 people, the average size here seems to be closer to 6.
  • Far more formal process – they’ve embraced the Lean Startup methodology to push people to create real businesses.
  • The buzzword last startup weekend I did was monetize, for this one it’s validation.
  • The mentors here are far more aggressive and useful than the ones in NYC.  I can’t see a team being allowed to go on a wild goose chase without a lot of prodding to get back on track.
  • The Holy Grail of Startup Weekend is to come out with a viable money-making product, I think there are a few here who could pull that off.

Onward and upward.